15 June, 2007

e-life mini rant

When I send you an email and it's still "work" hours in your country, I KNOW that you're receiving it. I know also that you are not on vacation, because you sent me an email last week!
My questions don't require a degree in laser technology or quantum physics to answer. They require 5 minutes of thought, and then a response.

I've been waiting 10 days now, after 2 emails sent from e-offender-number-one. Three from numer two. And about a week from eight others although they get more time because they actually have to review my materials and schedule things.
And yesterday and today I've sent out numerous emails already and no response! I know you're at work, people! How many emails could you POSSIBLY be receiving???

Are you really going to make me call you long distance?

I'm simply trying to get the next month in order and you're not being very helpful.
So, please, get on task and check your email and respond to me!

thkx, Luvya4evr, lol, ttyl


Anonymous said...

Ohhh girl. Sounds like we're getting ready to put the aaah! in coloratur..aaah!

me said...

I'm a little calmer now that 1 out of...oh 8 emails has been answered--albeit an important one. But yea, I was feeling the "aaaah" in coloratura!