12 June, 2007

ok, fine.

I got over my "but will I be able to schedule it" syndrome this morning while I was perusing Operabase for future performances in 2008Jan. and beyond.

There are opera houses nearby that have uncast (well, in Operabase) Ballos, Ariadnes, and more things that are appropriate, and I just sent their Kunstlerichesbetriebsburo (that is SO not spelled right, but it's the KBB and possibly the hardest word I'll have to pronounce while I'm in Germany) people an email requesting an audition.

Singing for houses is much for fun than singing for agents who may or may not send you out for house auditions! So I hope they get back to me and it is a "ja".

Plus, it's an excuse to take trains to cities in Germany and Austria that I would otherwise probably not have visited.

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