11 June, 2007

the waiting game

Last night I sent 8 emails out to German theaters and agents to set up auditions when I arrive in a few weeks.
Now I wait.
One response from the ZBF bounced back- great. I've looked everywhere online and the email address to which I sent it to is that one that is always listed. I guess I'll have to contact them by phone or fax when I arrive.
Another response- we don't accept email audition inquiries, plus we need to hear you more than once.
Ok, I get that these people don't KNOW that I'm only going to be there for a month, but would travel back there at the drop of a hat after January.

I have mixed feelings about these auditions (if they happen) in general. First, of course I want to sing for them. Because I know it'll be great as usual and I'll be happy about it and I love auditioning anyway.
Next, I'm not sure how my actual schedule will work out and when my class time will be (morning or afternoon), and when I could even possibly sing for these people.
I don't want to miss SO much class just to do an audition. Of course I'm only really contacting people in the city I'll be in, so it probably won't be that complicated.
Still, I'd almost rather just like to focus on my studies there, even though the reason that I'm doing these studies is to be more comfortable so that I can work there one day.
So yes, I want to sing for them. But no, I don't want it to complicate everything.
Yes, I want to hear back from these emails saying we want to hear you. But I'm apprehensive about them getting back to me with set dates that I will then (maybe) not be able to make.

This shouldn't be so annoying, but for some reason it is- because I'm not THERE already to figure all this out. Because it's not about talking to people on the phone or by email in a language that I'm 100% comfortable with.
Because I'm all about scheduling and being on top of things--and this seems like the great unkown.

I'm not stressed really, just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, I spent from 11am-4pm either laying out and reading Candide (always, always, something I love to pick up again no matter where I am), or going to the Beach and swimming--hoping that somehow my legs will be less ghostly white at the end of this vacation!

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