09 June, 2007

ouch my most of me (part one)

(if you have no idea where that saying comes from check out the strongbad link and go to the clips of teen girl squad. If you don't care, then fine).

So, as I said, Owwww, my most of me--- Yesterday I decided that after a productive afternoon of SIS, learning pages one through 45 (yea!), I would be even MORE productive and do a workout dvd that I have not done in, oh, about a year.

Since I'm not at a gym I have a one hour really really really intense dvd workout that I cart along with me and every once in a while---no, that is a lie---very rarely, but at SOME point during the time I'm away, I pull it out because I'm feeling like I need to lose 10 pounds. Which I don't. But it would be nice to be below a certain number on the scale-- albeit a low number, but still.

So I haul out the dvd, pop it in the ibook, and start flailing around like an idiot and really feeling the burn after about 20 minutes when my heart feels like it's about to jump out of my body.

I definitely didn't do the whole hour. So maybe 35 minutes later while I'm speeding through the post-workout stretches (something you should NEVER do), I'm lying on the floor thinking- wow this is going to hurt tomorrow.
And it does.
To move, to wake up, to be alive.
Even my throat is sore--although I shouldn't attribute a sore right tonsil to killing myself on squats, I know. But I am, and that means that I probably won't do this workout again for a while.

Well, I'm not so sure. I'd LIKE to look more toned for a certain upcoming role where I have to be a boy- in case the costume shows the arms and I wear tights and one of those silly outfits that looks like a poofy balloon pants costume, only hiked up to your thighs. But it's not like what's below my neck and above my stomach is going to get "toned"! Nope, those'll just get taped and strapped in.

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Xerographica said...

Oh, you should just get the ab-abber 2000!