13 June, 2007

SIS progress

Ok, besides the one line interjections every few pages that are all minor thirds, or octave jumps up and down and that require me to pay attention to other people's lines and my entrances with counting, I can get through the entire role of Opera-I-Need-to-learn-number-one without really batting an eyelash.
No, it's not memorized. But it COULD be! If I were memorizing.

I forgot that when I was 16 I sang the quintet scene. It was actually the first real "review" I got on Opera-L. (It's still there I think). Something about this 16 year old is someone to look out for..bla bla bla..coloratura...bla bla bla..energetic, talented, la di dah.

And I have NO memory of doing it or learning it except for the outfit I wore (wow- let's not even talk about that), ok lets--- My hair in a low ponytail to look like a servant. Black capri pants with white stockings underneath them.
My mom's oversized 80s white blouse with a front ruffle, and a purple suede sleeveless vest- unbuttoned.
And I have the pics to prove it.

Opra-Number-Dos-that-I'm-needing-to-learn is on its way to this country in the correct language, and until then I have fun with the German score and listening to the best Mozart overture ever. Ok, in my opinion ever.

AND in "agented" news, a competing offer for a role I've already sung for a bunch more money, but I'm turning it down to do Opera-Number-Dos because:

a. I need and want to add this role to my repertoire, and the other role I already know and have performed and have a great recording of, to prove to anyone that I can sing it already.

b. Role Dos will show people I can be a character actress and not just an automaton and it is becoming more popular in the US (especially in the last year) to perform this opera.

c. Although contracts can come and go in this business, I still have a bit of respect for them, and even though it's hard to say no to almost triple the pay, I like to keep good relations with these companies and I do have respect for putting my name down to something.
(If it were quadruuuuuple the money, that would be another story- because that would pay my NY audition fees and sublet for the next 3 years!)

d. If I can't have the best of both worlds (even though I think I could easily be "plugged in" to ANY production--even the day before--- singing the role which I have been offered by this other company), then I'll take something new and challenging at this stage rather than repeating something I've done- because it can only expand my repertoire, my marketability, my artistic experience, and I love love love Opera-Dos.

Not to say that I want to be a starving artist forever. But just this one time I'm sticking to it for the role.
So, I can't really sing that good ole' rap lick: "I did it all for the ....." (MONEY!!!)

But I know I'm making the right decision.

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