17 October, 2008

Zerb lessons

Last week- Zerb coaching
This week- Zerb lesson for voice.
Next week- audition for Zerb.

How did it go?

Coaching- great---found some nice new lines and power and detail. Language- U's can be more closed and rounded. Ah's are ah's like father and not whatever consonant comes after them to close them.

Lesson- it was a booty-kicking but in a good way.

Things I have to remember----EVERY note has to spin at the top..there's no just sitting pretty.
Every note has to connect and be round in the middle--anything up to an F-ish.

Free breath. Nice E's. Relaxed. EYES.

This is one of my favorite things to sing.
And one of my favorite things to act.
And I want it to be one of my bread and butter roles in life.
So I break it down note by note even though I've been singing it for however many years and learn from each lesson on it how to make it the master-work that I want it to be.

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