05 October, 2008

Mozart at the MET

Caught Giovanni tonight.
Weirdly and surprisingly, it's the first time I've ever seen the entire thing. I've been part of scenes before, have heard all of the arias numerous times, heard the overture played at different concerts, but have never seen the entire opera.

My impressions of the MET production were:
Polenzani's voice and presence is amazing and sweet.
Erwin is hot and sounds hot and acts hot and the director happily found enough dramatic motivation for him being shirtless for most of the second half AND pouring a goblet of wine on his chest...twice.
I loved the women. How different they were from each other, how different they sounded from each other, and how each one commanded the stage and attention when alone but let the ensemble speak for itself when in quintet or sextet.

Oh. The set.
Bricks and darkness. Not too fond of it.
The Commendatore/Hell scene was cool, although the swirling snow was not very indicative of the fiery hell that the Don was about to encounter.

I got great seats for this one because of friends in high places, and it was really a nice way to begin my MET season (I have tix for 5 more shows) from the orchestra section.

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