23 October, 2008

get in the zone (it's just me against the music)

24 hours until audition for most coveted role ever:
-a healthy and large warm walnut encrusted chicken salad from Josie's paid for courtesy of my mom being in town for 4 hours.

22 hours until audition for most coveted role ever:
-a healthy workout at the gym. My trainer saw me listening to my iphone and made me plug it into the main stereo in the studio we work out in...aaaand it was upcoming-role-1-opera which was totally a trip for him...he was like we're in YOUR world now--let's work it out! And we did. I don't know if listening to recit and doing 20 fly reps is double the pleasure or double the pain.
I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow...but maybe in a good way. I'm about to take a looong shower, have some more emergen-C, drink of champions who want to avoid sickeness due to seasonal allergies, seasonal weather changes, and the heat being turned on in the apt.

Rest of the evening: Show tunes channel, gawk a little at the L&O SVU episode being filmed directly outside my apartment building, think of character, love of said character, said character's 'loves', do a little warming up (maybe in upcoming shower), and in general ..

and you can FLY :)

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