22 October, 2008

comments- finally!

Ooops--my bad. Said I'd be back the next day with the 411 and really...I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, doing laundry, photocopying music, preparing for the week ahead.

So. Back to Met Lucia x2 (I'm considering x3 with Trebbs).
Last year I sat in line all day for those cheap tickets in the orchestra section. Get there at 10am, wait until 5:45, get tickets if you're the first 100 people...HORRID idea---whoever was in charge of that is WRONG!
Just HAND out the tickets at noon or something for goodness sake. Tangent. Basta.

Ok. So. Dessay was amazing. The acting and the singing were one. There was no sharp, flat, wrong, NOTHING. Everything was clean and crisp and I paid attention to her more as an actress than a singer..even though the singing was perfect.

Damrau's singing was more thrilling, that's for sure. The color of her vocal range, the exciting top and how she gets ready for it...the full chest in the low. It wasn't perfect or executed perfectly at all times--but it was about the emotion and passion of the music I think. Which mirrored her acting nicely, although sometimes the awkward soprano/tenor in-love pose got a little tiring in the duet--hold me so that it looks like we are about to kiss or embrace but really we're positioning ourselves so that we can both sing out and somehow bounce the sound off of each others chests. Or...hold me so that it looks like we are about to kiss or embrace but really when you sing I'll pivot downstage and when I sing you'll pivot downstage so that we can sing out.

Oh. The mad scene was cool because it was newly blocked with crazy Diana minus the stairs and the rolling around on them.
What she did was just as passionate and slowly insane and unstable...and I loved that extra spark that it gave the final Act.

I LOVE that in live theater. Something that perks you up because it's not 'normal' or 'expected'.
A cover going on. Something wrong with the sets so you have to restage something...awesome energy because everyone knows it's not the same thing and THIS time will be different.

And it certainly was.
Coming up this week---audition for a role that I so so so so so much want to perform--in LIFE.
Followed by three more next week and hopefully as many as I can get this season.
Because the bottom line is that thinking about being onstage, thinking about singing, getting to be onstage, getting to sing...and the entire process that goes into--long and hard and EXPENSIVE as it may be...is all worth it in the end when I get to say that this is the career that I chose and that chose me...and it couldn't make me happier to be part of it.

happy shiny rainbows and bubbles to all....
good night.

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