19 October, 2008

the lady with the mic

Lucia at the MET tonight.
Right after the 2nd intermission which was UNUSUALLY long, everyone was back in their seats when the woman with the mic came on.
Really? No one SOUNDED sick...maybe someone just took ill or something.

Nope- turns out...there is a technical malfunction, and they had to RESTAGE the mad scene!
The hydraulics didn't work, they couldn't get the stairs and the set in for the mad scene and they also didn't have the stairs in the Wolfcrag scene so that Edgardo and Enrico were pretty much in the same room, threatening to kill each other and within striking distance, but not raising a hand.

But the night went to Ms. Damrau who stepped up the 'crazy' even without the stairs and the entrance and the exit.

Much more to report tomorrow after I get a good night's sleep about the voices, my impression seeing it with Damrau and Dessay, and much more.
But first, slumber.

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