02 October, 2008

odds and (rear) ends

It seems that I'm very un-bloggy lately...well, as opposed to my daily or every two day postings of yore.
So let's play a little ketchup:

It's the new year! Well, at least for the chosen people...which means apples and honey, really amazing homecooked meals plus leftovers for a few nights, feeling the most full you've ever felt in your life and still eating that last piece of apple crumb cake, and of course, turning over a new leaf.

What better way to re-institute my new year's resolution from JANUARY (get in shape and stop eating like a jerk)...on my religious new year--actually, I've been better at this. For the past month, yes, I have been a member of the new york sports club. I cough up the monthly fees and was preeeettty good about going....but my gym experience is something like the following:

5pm. Ugh. I have to go to the gym.
5:10 Ugh. What clothes should I wear to the gym.
5:15 Ugh. I guess I"ll walk to the gym..wait, should I jog there? Nah. I 'll just do some warm ups when I get there.
5:20-6pm: When can I get off of this godforsaken elliptical machine? (All this while listening to my ipod with current-opera AND flipping through current score while trying not to be distracted by whatever is on TV that my neighbor on the elliptical is watching).
6:01: I feel good!
6:02: I should have some protein and water and a salad and I'm only eating healthy from NOW on!
10:55pm: I'm so hungry I feel like eating everything in my apartment AND going outside to pinkberry across the street because they're open for 5 more minutes and getting a small green tea ice cream with carob chips on it right now.

So, to get my booty back into bathing suit shape (which I will need well before this coming summer thanks to a sunny winter-gig), I am now working with Tony the trainer who likes to make me do things on machines that I would have otherwise had no idea how to even sit on, likes to make me jump rope ...a lot, likes to make me walk up and down stairs with weights in my hand, and especially likes to make me try and do pullups--hahahah--something I couldn't even do in 10th grade gym class to get the presidential award.

I guess I should be happy that I have the luxury of time and money to invest in something like this. I am taking it seriously now--seeing him 2 days a week and doing cardio 2-3 additional days a week.

Other odds and ends that don't have to do with my re-shaping of the rear:
Great voice lesson again, I think I 'get it'--meaning, the technique, meaning--keep it simple stupid---meaning, this should be about feeling nothing. And then it's right.

Going to see some MET shows in the next few weeks that I'm excited about.

It's my BDAY next weekend (not this weekend) and I'm trying to figure out what to do that will be fun and low key and have I mentioned fun..and it might include the words KARAOKE...Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! If you are trying to get into bikini shape just for certain future engagements in tropical climates you can give up on that one. the peeps down here wear bikini's even if they are 300 pounds. No joke. I have put on 5 pounds since being here...just because I can!!!!