08 October, 2008

Salome at the MET


Ok, the singing was amazing all around. No need to even elaborate on that one since it's obvious with as stellar a cast as that.

Now let's talk production. I am a FAN! It was cool and half ancient Egypt half futuristic-plexiglass-topped-bunker old-school hollywood meets Judean-chic.

The thing that everyone thinks they'll talk about is the dance and then the no clothes...but you know..she just went there and it was totally natural in her state of mind and the progression of the character, and it was so right for what the scene needed.

The whole time I was thinking twisted Lolita or something of the sort. Salome knows what will please the older man who is supposed to be her role model and father figure but instead subjects her to themes beyond her years and forces her into knowing...how to use her sexuality to get what she wants.

And then I got to thinking how great it would be if there were an opera based on Lolita.
I put it out there people!!! and low and behold, Harbison began to write one in 1999 but never completed it. DO IT! It will be a big hit. I promise!
And when you do, please write Lolita as a young and overly knowing, naive, childish, snotty, sexual and misguided COLORATURA SOPRANO!! (and send me an email).


My bday weekend is coming up, one I share with Little Miss B and another coloratura sop. that we both know and many many other artistic minded, level-headed, diplomatic, idealistic, charming, romantic, flirty, sociable (all according to wikipedia) Libras.

Happy bday!

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Anonymous said...

There actually is a Lolita out there, by Rodion Schedrin (music and libretto). It was performed for the first time in Stockholm in 1994. I have no idea what the music was like or if it has ever been performed anywhere else..