24 October, 2008


as in...awwww...snap!
I loved it.
I got to sing the whole aria, it was on a big fun stage, and here are my thoughts from what I remember.
See...when I'm in it..I can rarely speak to my performance. It just feels exhilaratingly good. NOTE- blogger says exhilaratingly is spelled wrong...my SAT score of 800 in English in high school says that blogger is sadly incorrect.

Oh. back to the audition.
So. What I felt (other than the acting) when I was singing it---some words---round, open, breathing, free, exact, niiiiice.
But mostly I was concentrating on the scene at hand since I had the chance to sing the entire thing!
It's SO much more connected this way.
The arc is there for a character to be introduced, grow, change, and end changed.

What can I say about how it sounded? I don't know because it's not what I can listen to.
I know the high was high, the low was low, the runs were clean, no notes were fumbled or fussed over, nothing seeeemed hard or wrong, the room got me a bit dry about 3/4 through, but I got over it when I got to the moving section...but truthfully, I don't know anything except that feeling I had when it was over was that I was someone else and all of a sudden that trance was over and they were saying: thank you...I guess we didn't stop you like we said we may.


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