02 October, 2008

My minute by minute FB status updates during the Debates

"darn right we need tax reliefs for Americans" (quote number one of the evening)

if you rape the continental shelf, do they have to pay for the tests?

NUKULAR??!?!?!? Arghghghgh

diplomacy is hard work by serious people

i'm so encouraged to know that we both love israel... awwwww

WHAT just happened? was that a SENTENCE?

certainly accounting for different conditions in that country and there are certainly different conditions in that country.

in all fairness, biden just said Bosniacs--which is still correct, but not the number one word choice.

John McCain Knows What Evil Is

now each one has to prove they are middle class. Home Depot! Main Street! Katie's! My 'hood!

shoutout to all the 3rd graders!!!!!!! (even if you're smarter than I am)

why does the camera show Palin's butt and not Biden's?

she just said agenda and position and flexibility and 'in there' three times

my experience as an executive will be put to good use...executive of the tiniest more redneck town in Alaska? YES, I've been there!

we represent a perfect ideal--democracy..and tolerance--unless you are a 15 year old preggo incest victim.

Did he just pull the dead wife card?

SNAP!!!! TEARS!!?!?!?


you appoint people regardless of party affiliations---except if they ever crossed you

we're gonna fight america. AMERICA..F*$K Yea!!

Doesn’t want it to end!
ooo, is her preggo daughter gonna come up onstage too?

dude i swear to god, that Trig baby is only being held by the daugher. He is totally the daughter's baby

why are you letting the 5 year old hold Trig?

is so over "spin alley."

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