11 October, 2008

Happy bday to me :)

Yes, I'm wearing my pink gapkids shirt Ages 10-12 that says Birthday Girl in sparkly blue and has pink and red hearts and silver stars around it.
Over a long wifebeater, black leggings, and black boots. With half-pigtails.
It's so almost-normal for nyc anyway :)

Feeling the love from my facebook friends who are scribbling on my wall, feeling the love from the voicemails, calls, and texts from friends near and far, (and all dear)..and am excited for day II of b'day celebrations--which began a few hours before my actual bday last night--sushi dinner, 2 folk-jazz sets, followed by another jazz venue for big band jazz, some nice red wine and wonderful company all around!!

Feeling like it's just right to be my age right now. And loving the chance to celebrate with friends from all walks in NYC.

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday! With an outfit like that you must have had a fun day.