31 October, 2008

2 a days

2 auditions today.
Number one- young artist program. Started with that magical piece that everyone has liked. Will have to wait until next week to find out about a callback or not. Thought it went really well though and put me in a nice place.

Number 2- Durch and then re-singing an aria from a role I performed in 05. It's nice when it's just there still in your head. I looked over it a few times before the audition today because it's pretty wordy, and in English. Durch went well as always. The room (which I had just sung in previously this week) was very live with a very loud/slightly out of tune piano...sadly. Like singing in a small gym.
What can you do--it's not a place for nuance. So everything was one dynamic higher I felt--because it was just bouncing off the walls.
But both pieces went very well and it was an introduction to a new company for me...so hopefully there will be good feedback for the future.

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