06 July, 2007

Oh happy day! Oh happy weeee....... (me)

The internet lives again on my ibook!
I no longer have to login in on german or austrian computers with messed up keyboards that switch the letters y and z and have actual keys for umlauts, and have no @@@@@@@ symbol. You heard me. @@@@ on german keyboards is control alt Q !!! Who would KNOW that?

It has been quite a week with travels to four European countries, only one of them was for vacation, and performances, debuts, competitions, classes, overnight trains with no sleep, evening trains that turned into overnight trains because of railway strikes, and much, much, much more.

For now I'm settled in my new place for the next month. I've had two days of class and although I'm finding it very challenging so far, that is of course what I'm here for.

I've already visited one cool castle, this weekend I'll go see another one (the one Disney based its emblem on), I've bought blankets and sweaters at HandM because even though it is summer it has been absolutely freezing here and all I've had is my black hoodie to wear over my tank tops from the motherland.

Music? I already have 4 tickets to the Festival (I wish to go to the Festival!)--to see Le Corsaire, Orlando, Alice in Wonderland (standing room tomorrow night) and Rosenkavalier IF our connection comes through (one of the students in my class is an opera production history professor on a Humboldt Scholarship here and knows "Kent" personally!

So. First official login of the next month's plan to be in ONE place (well, during the week at least!)
Ta Da.
No more garment bags, carry on suitcases, or foreign train schedules. At least for a week or so!

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