16 July, 2007

it is le hot

It was about 93 degrees today. And what was I doing? Wandering around Karlsplatz and Marienplatz looking for cute boots to go with my skirts. Yes, by the way, that is the "new" European thing here...and I've seen it a bit in the US, but it's crazy here. Cute cowgirlish type boots and sundresses, skirts, whatever. Not the sleek American ones that were in all winter or the flat suede ones under skinny jeans. I'm talking real western style boots. It's a really cute look. And I found some, but they are MAYBE half a size too small. It was the last size they had (7) and they DID fit, but I wonder if the 7.5s would be more comfy or have more room for socks in the winter...so I didn't buy them--also partially because they cost 199 Euros!

It's only Monday but I'm excited for an upcoming purely vacational weekend in PARIS and BURGUNDY this weekend. With my oh-so-special someone!!! YAAAAYYYY! We haven't seen each other in too long. Not cool.

So I'm planning out my cute outfits and shoes fit for city-walking (don't know what those will be yet since my trusty ballet flats are getting really worn out here), and looking forward to a good time had by all :)

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