25 October, 2006

what's the deal with...

I am not a diva- and I did everything I could to be courteous and roll with the punches, BUT I do have to write about a few things that really put me off of my game at tonight's first piano dress. No one's fault, just things that upset a balance which I thought I had achieved already.

A. If you're going to give me rehearsal shoes that are heels that are completely different height and strap than what I end up wearing, what's the point of the rehearsal shoes?

B. See above and apply to costume size/balloon skirt size.

C. Umm, having to sit hidden behind a set piece for over 20 minutes onstage but behind a curtain waiting for an entrance without water, suckers, being able to do anything to warm up including lip trill = NOT the best performance of the doll song. And it's freezing. Thank you for the towel to wrap myself up in after you saw my teeth chattering together.

D. If there's a rake in the show, let's rehearse with a rake!

I know when you move into the theater you have to be flexible. Time is spent, techs are long, things are different, set pieces are added, are farther away, closer, etc.
But this was SO much!
First, not only were the shoes different, but they had no treads. I was literally ice skating on the stage.
And hello--I'm supposed to be a robot- it's not like I can look down and make sure I'm not walking down the (wider than rehearsal) correct stair, or making sure I'm not stepping into the one inch trench in between the two rake pieces that HAPPEN to be situated in the general direction that I have to twirl and scurry along in!!!

I felt SO off because I had to be worrying about whether I'd twist my ankle or not- not whether I could see the conductor, hear the pianist, get the character, fix all of the other director's notes that I've been working on getting in order.

Whew. Ok. It's out. I wrote it, and I didn't show it in rehearsal. It doesn't make me that upset, I just wish that the anxiety I had to be projecting tonight could have been replaced by confidence in the rehearsal and on the way to the performance.


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Gregory said...

I know, baby. I hate having to roll with everything. And you have to. Because if you don't, everyone just looks at you like, "What's your problem?"
It is my opinion that the diva/soubrette complexity of soprano life is absolutely analagous to the Virgin/Whore dichotomy elsewhere in the world. If you stick up for yourself, you're hard to work with. If you don't, you're just sweet, and who cares, you're not an exciting singer.

Basta, already.