09 October, 2006

photoshoot and photoshop

The leading ladies of Hoffmann had a photoshoot this evening. As one of the ads that will be publicizing the production, we're all going to appear around Hoffmann in our "element" ie- costume and attitude.
As I mentioned below my costume is Krazy femmebot with stuck up blond hair pasted onto my head, so it already feels weird to be "cute" as the doll. I went with more of the pursed lip, doe-eyed, surprised that I'm in love even though I'm hot kind of look. I hope it works and something comes out well.

Now that I know about photoshop and how EVERY picture in EVERY magazine is automatically reduced to 96% (well, maybe not every, but a lot), I am just hoping that this turns out well. Besides my headshots I've never been in a photoshoot. I kind of felt like Zoolander- "You're a MONKEY Derrick"...or something like that. Moving your head to a different angle every two shots. Smiling just a bit differently. Moving the chin up (NO double chin here!).

It was fun. I have got to try and get to bed early tonight because of the concert dress rehearsal tomorrow where I sing Queen on the "early" side of the day.
For now, it's relaxing, drinking some more water and maybe even doing a little ginger tea action later on tonight.


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