27 October, 2006

final dress

We performed a student matinee today for a full house, and also as our last dress rehearsal before opening night tomorrow. It was really fun! The kids obviously loved the over the top characters, costumes, and even the story. I think they were also really blown away by the operatic singing as well. For many it was their first opera- highschool and college kids.

I really like these kinds of performances because you know that you're making an impact. Whether it's one kid who doesn't 'dis classical music, or one student who pursues private lessons, one kid who may not turn the classical station off while tuning the car radio...or one whole convert to the art of opera- it feels good to be a part of that live experience for them.
I got to go out into the audience after the first act, spoke to students, asked them about their experience so far, and the response was really heartwarming. To see 16 and 17 year olds excited about something other than Laguna Beach or the OC or whatever other reality show/lifestyle is the hot topic this week.
Of course I'm lumping kids together when I don't even know them, but you just have to turn to tv today to see what kinds of shows these teens are watching (and 20somethings too!) and being influenced by.

At any rate, this isn't some social consciousness post, but I'll just end by saying it was a good final dress, I seem to have my makeup/hydration/costume/rake etc. issues under control. I had time to breathe for 2 minutes before I went on, and the recording I made with the minidisk was really nice! So now a new doll song with orchestra is available in my recording possibilities library.

Opening night is tomorrow. I'm excited. I had BETTER sleep well tonight. I didn't sleep at all last night- half because I had that 'I'm scared I won't hear my alarm so why doesn't my body refuse to sleep for more than one hour for the entire night' kind of night last night. I had to wake up at 7:30 for a radio interview for the show.

Of course wake up really meant just turning the lights on, since I'd been tossing and turning since 3am when I TRIED to go to sleep for the first time.
I think I'll be too exhausted to be nervous about sleeping tonight.


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