16 October, 2006

tax talk

I know, I know, it's not that time of year...YET! But I was going through some receipts today, trying to add up in my head what I've made/think I'll be making, and then all of the expenses I have...and I've come to a question that I can't answer--yet! (The power of google lies ahead)

So- I moved to this city.
I had moving expenses- liiike, packing up my previous apt., driving my car out here, and purchasing and new bedroom set, as well as a plethora of other household items at Target and Walmart that were NECESSARY for my life as a singer here.

However--I am currently employed by an opera company that takes out state and federal taxes.
I will be paid from Sept-Nov., and then from Jan.-May.

What does that mean in terms of any deductions?

I am not a resident here, but then again, I do not have another household where I AM a resident (ok, I guess I'm a resident here..eventhough I'm not changing my driver's license or anything).

Expenses such as rent/electric/per diem food, etc...are something that I would be able to deduct if I were say, at a summer young artist program for three months... but what do I do about that HERE?

I moved here for the purpose of being contracted and employed by a certain company. THEY are not paying my expenses, they are paying me a salary.

What's the deal?
Off to google to find out.



Canadian Basso said...

The rule of thumb is, if it can be related to music, deduct it. So your daily food budget doesn't count, BUT - anytime you have lunch with a director, singer, stage manager etc FOR ANY REASON can be counted. Your internet and phone can be counted. You can deduct a portion of your rent, generally calculated by the square footage of your "office" space as a percentage of total square footage. Business expense, see?

Gas can be counted if you have a commute. The easiest way to keep track of this is to get a gas card from your favorite petrol company, and use those bills. Percentage of your car and insurance can be counted.

I only know this because of a very friendly guy at H&R block last year. I haven't even started looking at my taxes for this year yet... but it's coming up fast! (looming is more like it)

To make this even more complicated, I'm getting married this year... but in a foreign country. I don't know how to BEGIN. :) Good luck!


me said...

yes, this is kind of what I got from online..too bad I don't have a "home office" that is partitioned from me using my ibook in my bed!
I guess I'll just have to deal with the furniture purchases as a welcome to the real world of adulthood and fulltime jobs perk!
Thanks for your comment, and congrats on the wedding.