16 October, 2006

tax talk

I know, I know, it's not that time of year...YET! But I was going through some receipts today, trying to add up in my head what I've made/think I'll be making, and then all of the expenses I have...and I've come to a question that I can't answer--yet! (The power of google lies ahead)

So- I moved to this city.
I had moving expenses- liiike, packing up my previous apt., driving my car out here, and purchasing and new bedroom set, as well as a plethora of other household items at Target and Walmart that were NECESSARY for my life as a singer here.

However--I am currently employed by an opera company that takes out state and federal taxes.
I will be paid from Sept-Nov., and then from Jan.-May.

What does that mean in terms of any deductions?

I am not a resident here, but then again, I do not have another household where I AM a resident (ok, I guess I'm a resident here..eventhough I'm not changing my driver's license or anything).

Expenses such as rent/electric/per diem food, etc...are something that I would be able to deduct if I were say, at a summer young artist program for three months... but what do I do about that HERE?

I moved here for the purpose of being contracted and employed by a certain company. THEY are not paying my expenses, they are paying me a salary.

What's the deal?
Off to google to find out.


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me said...

yes, this is kind of what I got from online..too bad I don't have a "home office" that is partitioned from me using my ibook in my bed!
I guess I'll just have to deal with the furniture purchases as a welcome to the real world of adulthood and fulltime jobs perk!
Thanks for your comment, and congrats on the wedding.