19 October, 2006

decisions, decisions

My coaching today was part "Stop. Sing", part- I was still listening to myself.
The decided-upon rep is:
Starter for competitions: Lakme
Starter for audtions: Durch Z.

I WISH I could just sing Zerbinetta for everything, but
a. it's too long,
b. many people can't play it well,
c. some people think it's too--I don't know- academic or above their heads or something??? That's the usual "shrug" reacion that I have seen some other singers get when they bring this piece to auditions and competitions.

Of course, I'll have it on my list as usual, broken up into sections for starting (yuck), so we'll see if anyone will want to hear part of it.

I chose DurchZ because it's going to be like my Chacun was for the past 2 years- The thing that shows middle and line PLUS great high notes (well, unfortunately not a g this time- just that e). It's short, sweet, a character/acting piece, (plus it's Mozart) and THEN the panel can ask for what they want- if it's more coloratura- that's there. If it's recit, yep. If it's romantic or line--also there.

Plus all the other arias are over 6 minutes long- so they'll most likely ask for a section of an aria.

SO! After a killer DurchZ you can choose lakme, glitter, o luce, norina, zerb, queen--whatever you want! It's all going to be there and be easy to sing after DurchZ.

I used to think DurchZ was done by everyone and their mom, and that it was easy, and that every light voice did it. So I stopped singing it for a while. But now "they" (the powers that be) tell me that to hear a GOOD/GREAT DurchZ is pretty rare, it's rare that you hear someone who doesn't scare you approaching the top, or not breathing before the run, or just singing it really really well plus acting the crap out of it...so I suppose maybe even though it's sung by everyone and their mom, maybe they don't sing it as well as said powers think that I do.

Yay for a new short starting aria.
g...or z.

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