19 October, 2006

2nd post o' the day

Tonight we did a semi-run-through of the opera...and it went reaaaallllly well. The movements are coming more easily, the singing is not compromised by any of the jerking, twirling, bobbing, leaning, and other robotic moves that I'm making. The g's are coming out like buttah during the last run, I've taken what the director and conductor have mentioned, incorporated it, and actually remembered it all (!), and they are pleased with the result as well- as far as I can tell.

A special someone is coming to visit me this weekend. Of course it's the most busy weekend of the production- weekend of dress rehearsals and sitz probes for both casts, meaning I'm singing times 2. But it will still be great to have this weekend together, and then to see him in just a few weeks again!


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