04 October, 2006

holy costume batman! (or, I like my butt and I cannot lie)

I had my costume fitting for Olympia today. WHOOOOO EEEEEE! Do I have to watch what I eat and go to the gym between now and opening night!

It's actually really cute and pretty..and GOLD. It fits fine, but there is much visible leg (well, in gold tights, but still), there is much visible...umm...upper chestal area (ie gold strings attached from my neck to two boob cups that hold them in with a corset attached), and much visible arms (which I've NEVER been able to tone..maybe because I give up after 2 reps of 8lbs each at the gym--haha..and by gym I mean the next door hotel's workout room where I sometimes walk briskly on the treadmill for 45 minutes).

Since this is a co-production I was able to see pics of the gals who wore the costume before me (actually there were two sizes made for the two ladies), and I'm actually fitted into the smaller one (by two inches-woohoo!), with some zipper issues on the arm clamps- who knew that being right handed meant that they would have to let out the skin-tight gold tubing in my wrist and my arm by 1/2 an inch JUST on the right side? I've never really had size/body issues, except for the fact that I want to stay below a certain weight in my head, try to eat healthy (ish), and FEEL and know that I could be more toned, but have gym-attendance issues. So...I guess I DO have body issues, I just don't take any measures to actually attain those body goals because I know I'm fine and even on the small side for society as I am...whether I want to be a certain "number" or "size" smaller in my own opinion.

On the other hand, I haven't since my adult life of buying dresses/jeans been a size zero- I just jumped from Gapkids to a 4/6, so there's no point in wishing that somehow I'd drop a bit. I like my butt. I like my boobs. If I lost any weight, I'd lose it up top first, and that would just be a shame! Especially for a certain man who's coming to visit me soon.
I could use a trainer in toning though. But doesn't theat mean lifting weights? And isn't that like, heavy and stuff? and hurts your neck sometimes? I'd like more muscular legs and arms, but what is that really going to take?

Some guys are obsessed with the gym, lifting, bulking up. I really don't want bulk. I want tone. And I do know that's usually what women get when they do easy lifting with many reps. But I have no plan. And even if I did, what would be the odds that I followed it correctly AND saw the results by opening night in 3 weeks? Any website suggestions? Maybe I'll google it tonight. Or maybe instead of watching CONSTANT Law and Order reruns on TBS/TNT/USA I should turn to the "FITtv" channel and see what I can do on my bedroom floor!


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