22 October, 2006


The sitzprobe went well last night except for ONE same thing that is happening more and more with this new strong "middle" voice that I have now. I haven't had a passagio in the past...I didn't feel a change in D,E,F,or G, and really only felt like I was getting high around the high C,D,E zone- which still didn't stop me from singing even higher.
Well- welcome to adult voice. It's just that G. If I approach it from the bottom I often forget how much new 'weight' I have down there, and sing it JUST under. It's not even close to being an F#. But it's not a G either. Something about it sounding like the vibrato is actually weighing it down rather than floating. And I've never really had to think about "float" or release before- I just sang. Which is what I'm obviously going to continue to do--- but I do have to note that in the doll song there are four very prominent held G's that I think I'm continuously under. I asked one of the coaches to listen for it, and they said, yes, they can hear it, but it's slight. Still, it's something I want to stop right now before it becomes a consistant problem. So far no other G's stick out in any of my other arias. If anyting, I think I wrote a post similar to this in the last year about the note D on the staff- how I can approach it from the top or bottom and if I'm holding it out to think up- that was in the O luce phase of recit. learning.
Well, now it's this isolated note in this aria. So at least it's not a constant--g is under-- kind of thing. Just have to think some more about it.
Dress rehearsals are all week and the show opens next weekend!


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