29 October, 2006

opening night and thank you DST

Woo hoo! A success! Besides a fire alarm that went off right before Nicklausse's violin aria (it was perfect timing with the downbeat of the first measure actually---awesome---and it was just a FALSE alarm), everything went really smoothly. I felt really good vocally and on the stage. It was SO dry out there. Even with sour altoid, pineapple juice in my water, and taking my last sip before the chorus comes onstage (so about7 minutes before the aria), I was parched by that time and somehow just got through it I suppose, dry throat and all.

I met famous agent A, and although it's hard when you're painted yello and gold and in a huge costume to really feel like you're 'connecting' with someone, I think that A was impressed, which is always a good thing. Someone new to put on the list of email updates, etc., and hopefully in 2 years I shall have some sort of representation.

This being my first major role at this house I wanted to make sure that I'm giving a great performance and making a good-better than good- impression, so don't mind if I write down for the record here that I felt I really did do just that.

Oh, and thank you daylight savings time- spring forward fall back- for making this morning extra special with my next 30 minutes devoted to my warm bed, instead of having to get up, shower already, and be on my way to the matinee performance!


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