15 October, 2006

151st post

Not bad for blogging on blogger since January and I'm NOT even counting the blog posts that I moved here from livejournal!!!

I have officially completed my outreach concerts for the season (until January that is), by singing the last Donor Benefit concert on Saturday night, and then completing the fun (but very early am) Queen of the Night concerts with orchestra here..ok, those weren't outreach out of necessity, that was a real job- but it was still for kids and families!
After 6 Queens over 3 days (only the aria, but still, you warm up, you sing half the aria, you make sure you have the F's, you warm DOWN so you can sing the middle, etc), feeling a bit under the weather during most of them, and having mainstage rehearsal at the same time, I can officially say I've been a trooper for these things during the past week.

We haven't begun tech week yet, but this week I'm looking forward to just a few lighter rehearsals, and then when the orchestra and tech nights start, hopefully I'll be more refreshed, less reacting to the heat being on and the weather being around the freezing point, and even a little healthier (after I go explore Trader Joes and Whole Foods tomorrow!)

night night,

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