21 January, 2007

wireless in the hallway

Yes, I'm back in the hallway of my apt. building.
Still no wireless. I'm calling them tomorrow to install it asap. This has gone too long.

The short post version of news:

Nothing much going on, have coachings tomorrow on Lakme and Ariadne, still haven't heard about next year, got some weird letter from the MONCA regional people about how if I am a winner and can't make the semifinals or the finals I have to give back all of the money (district and regional). NOT cool cuz ---not saying this will happen at ALL this year--- but even if I did, the final is on the same day as my perf. of Lakme.

Eh, not to worry at all. So much time until then, so little do I really care about it since I'm booked for the finals anyway.
Oh yea, they ask for replist changes.
I've decided to take out a whole language.

O luce will NEVER be picked after I begin with Lakme, so why bother even having it on there?
Instead I'm offering my 2 Germans- Durch and Zerbie- one short, Mozart, line, the other (if they choose it from any section)- could be short, show line or coloratura, and be fun.
And Glitter. Because that's just fun for competitions.
and Doll because maybe they'll want to hear the 2nd verse of it,(although I don't know why after French Lakme).
And it's fun, and there's a G, and I lurv it.

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Gregory said...

It's such a silly comment after all that, but I adore the use of lurv. It's one of my favorite bastardizations of the English language.