24 January, 2007

changes part deux

Have been on the internet nonstop for the past 24 hours pretty much.
Emailed 2 "contacts" (agents) who have been helping me in terms of guiding my career for the pst year...not signing me, just guiding me.
They both think that Europe may be best for me for next year.

The issue with Europe, as stated in the post below- is that I don't like "not having a plan".
I don't want to go be a starving artist for 6 months, teach English, and ooops, suddenly a year goes by, I have no resume credits to add, and I'm right where I began, with thousands less in the bank.

So- how do I get hired in to sing in 2008 in a place where I have NO contacts and also cannot physically go to audition until May 14th?
Well, that's the answer I'm searching for online, and hoping that these agent "friends" can help me with as well.

The NYIOPS. I now officially have ONE day to go do them in NYC if I want. In 2.5 weeks. UNfortunately, I do NOT have a day off to do the "preliminary" round that is required of all (all meaning, all who don't have agents calling on their behalf and paying less of a fee) singers to do.
Would one of my "friends" (agents) call on my behalf?
Well, that has yet to be discussed. But I would of course jump at the chance to do them and possibly have a ROLE to go there for..and not just a dream.

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