06 January, 2007


No news for today except that supposedly decisions have been made about next year..and...we should find out about them next week.

What I SHOULD be concentrating on:
Tomorrow we have a donor concert to sing for where I've been asked to sing one of the arias from next season's show. It's one that I know but have never offered or really coached or worked on to perfection. I just learned it a long time ago, can pull it off, etc. The role is one that I would want or think that I'd be considered here for next year and today it kind of dawned on me that ..umm..yea, I should try to kick some ass with it tomorrow night.

So instead of looking up summer programs, doing the Dollar to Euro math in my mind, seeing how much a month in Germany may cost, I should be...
figuring out how to sing and perform the best I can!

Finally something positive to think about today- and it was realized at 11:30pm.

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