22 January, 2007

heeeeere's Johnny!

I'm back! The internet wireless network that I've been borrowing is miraculously and magically restored after two weeks down. And here I was, at 10:30am just rearing to get out of bed, begin my day, warm up, get ready for my coachings...and now I shall stay in my warm comfy bed for at least another hour reading all of my newspapers, blogs, checking email every 5 seconds, and doing what I do best.

So- the long of it all:
I just received an email from the MONCA dir. after emailing her my rep saying the following:
From past experiences at this competition I highly recommend that you don't include glitter and be gay on your list and do include O luce.

uhhh, what?
Who are you? And how do you know? And what could be BAD about having that on there except for the fact that if the panel hates it they WON"T pick it?!!!

Or do they hate it and WILL pick it because they know the audience hates it and they want to make them suffer as well?

Weird. I don't know what to think now. About why she would say that.

As I read more and more about the NYIOPS (and more and more about their increasing fee) I am really just tempted to do them..not because of the increasing fee.
The thing is..
if these companies really ARE looking for full casts of Ariadne and Abduction- then I actually have a chance.
Now, I don't think I can be released from here to attend the upcoming ones which do advertise for those two operas, ---although do NOT have a fest soprano position open---I still keep my eye on them from time to time.
I just think Europe=fun. It's beautiful, it's the multiculturalism that I love, it's the challenge of language, it's the challenge of being somewhere new, fitting in, making it work, and succeeding.

In the back of my mind I've always wanted to just go try out Germany. And these NYIOPS seems like a good excuse to put a feeler out there (at least with 6 or 7 companies) to see what happens or if they are impressed.

In the day of emails when people are so easy to get in touch with after googling their place of work and finding their address, I find it surprising that people do not write back to emails.
I mean, yes, you're "above me". You just judged me. Or I just sent you some materials after making a personal connection with you.
But- really.
a. You have a school email. I found it in the school's online directory for faculty. I'm sure your students email you all the time and you actually check it. Why not write back thanks?

b. You're a very important and very busy person who runs an entire opera company. A week later your assistant writes me that they'll get you the message? Ok, that's a BIT more acceptable- at least it's a response.

c. I just spoke with you on the phone about my materials..and at THIS school people even have their own name for the email system and it's been written up in the NYtimes as one of the most technologically email-communication connected campuses. And you don't have time to say I got your email?

d. Surprisingly, the person who I thought would be MOST busy and LEAST likely to write me back- did so in the next 10 minutes after I sent the email. And that was just an email notifying them of my continued candidacy for their summer program plus the competition news...that they did not have to respond to at all!!!!

I know, I know. People are busy.
But "netiquette" still stands. If you received the same message in a phone call I think you would call back.

I'm so excited about the internet right now.

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