09 January, 2007


There is a small chance that I'll somehow regret posting this at some point, but here it goes.

CS, or Certain Someone in my life, who is far away from me currently and is studying to be, among other things, a medical doctor, tomorrow has his first patient experience with---well---being that doctor that girls go to.

I think it's kind of funny, and really weird at the same time.
I mean, to be a student still, and not really an obgyn or doctor (yet!), and have to go to a clinic with other med students and "practice"...
ok, I warned you about the TMI factor here!

We joked about it tonight on the phone. And I told him to be NICE! (He will be). It is NOT a fun place to be when you're a chick.


We still don't know our fate. It's not on the schedule for tomorrow either.
But what I DO have tomorrow is a coaching for the upcoming Met audtions.
What to sing?
I am still not sure, and thankfully I can change my mind and my replists (as long as I have 5 copies) until the day I get there.

I've never started with Lakme, but of ALL of my arias, I think that it is the most "coloratura acceptable but not too long".
I aways think about this because it always comes up with competitions and auditions.

Zerbinetta is the best thing I do right now. Too long for everything. I shall offer it, cut up into little pieces, as always, if they want to pick it 2nd.

O luce- O annoying.
Doll- not a competition winner, but the way I sing it, it "could" be, but still, not as technically and fireworks exciting as Lakme.
Norina- No.
Glitter- Hell no.
(Mind you, I LOVE all of these pieces, but panels most certainly do not).
Chacun- again, with the added notes- awesome, but this is really a soubrette/llc piece for most other sopranos. Short and sweet, but ...NO.
Queen- only if there are no other queens that day, and NO for a starter.

But here is what I think my list will be:
Lakme, O luce, Glitter, Zerbie, Durch Z

I will start with Lakme and they will hear DurchZ.

Or if they are AWESOME they will ask for part of Zerbinetta.

But most likely DurchZ because
a. it's Mozart line
b. it's short
c. it's another language
d. have I mentioned it's short?
e. O luce is pretty much Lakme plus a page of recit, Glitter is lakme plus two verses of lyric singing, zerbie is 12 minutes of insanity, and that leaves DurchZ.

The one thing that may change in this is actually Lakme.
If I'm not feeling it that day, I may not start with it.
In which case- I really don't KNOW what I'll start with actually!!!

Would I throw the doll in there and offer it from the 2nd verse like I did last year? Perhaps.
Would I throw chacun? start with Durch Z so they pick a coloratura piece next?
Ah, decisions decisions.

Must go to bed to wake up for yoga class in less than 8 hours.

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Gregory said...

I love it more than anything when you post your audition thought process. I go through the same stupid sh*t.