14 January, 2007


Ok, I guess those three posts on the 10th will have to make up for my INEXCUSABLE online absence.
A. The wireless network I freeload off of has not worked since last thursday. NOT COOL.
B. I drove to NEBRASKA for the MONCAs this weekend, almost didn't make it back here last night (finally got in at 3am), and thus had a few important things on my mind for the weekend.

The update later to come, but outcome = great. I'll be singing at the Regionals in February.

I hope that Jay of "Jay's Network" (which I borrow!) will soon restart his computer or something-- because otherwise it doesn't look like I'll be having internet in my apt. anytime soon.

The weird thing is (after doing a network diagnostic and attempting to decode other people's passwords with "Internet", "Comcast", their name backwards, and other various normal passwords for lazy people), is that the network is up, and everything works up until "Internet" and "Web Page".

So- this has never happened before.
If you know how to fix it without being in charge of your own internet (I'm assuming you have to restart the internet conection or something like that..even though it's "working") please- do tell.

More to come. I promise.
Well, if I have wireless and I'm NOT sitting in a PANERA using their free system and eating my breakfast (bagel) at 3:48pm.

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