06 November, 2007

tech week

After getting used to morning, afternoon, and/or evening rehearsals, tech week seems a welcome break- only called at night, at showtime.

So what am I doing with my extra time?
A mix of being productive and then not so much.

I've revisited the lieder that I have to re-memorize for a competition that's upcoming. It's all there again (just need to work on Amor a bit more), and once I find a pianist when I'm back in the city I'll look forward to running that repertoire again.

What else?
It seems that of the auditions I'm getting for myself this season, they are all set. I've heard back from everyone and have everything scheduled for late November and early December. Happily, I have two days with two auditions each- which makes me a happy camper. One warm up, one change into audition dress, plenty of time between the times, and voila- I feel like I've been way more productive than just getting ready for one five minute sing.

I'm not singing for many places because current-opera runs over a lot of the audition season opportunities.
Still, I'm hoping that mainstage companies are still in town when I get back so that I can present myself for next year.

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