20 November, 2007

pretty please?

Can I please fall asleep this evening? I mean- morning? Or as I used to call it in college when I NEVER went to bed before midnight- morningnight?

It's 1:30am, I have disembarked from my day-long airplane adventure which began with me falling asleep Sunday night around 2am, waking up at 5:30am, returning the rental car, getting on airplane number one for 5.5 hours, getting on airplane number 2 for 2 hours, and arriving in NYC at 11pm (after a 30 minute delay due to gale force winds in Minneapolis).

But what time does it FEEL like?
It feels like party time!
I didn't sleep very much on the planes even though I was tired in the morning.
For the first time, I used my ipod to watch movies (even though they've been on there for over 6 months), then I listened to the Messiah (well, the parts I have to sing next week) about 6 times in a row, then I listened to some Lieder that I have a competition for, then my ipod was almost dead, and the captain asked us to turn off all electrical devices for landing.

So now it's 1:40am, feels like early evening to me, and I have an audition tomorrow that I have to wake up for!!!

The one thing that I did well on today was making sure I was hydrated on the airplanes. I'm not a person that needs 3 days to recover after travel, but on the flight over a month ago, I certainly was in no mood to sing the day after arrival (and thankfully, that was our day off). The voice was just itchy and tired from recycled dry air and not enough water.

Well THIS time I juiced myself in the morning (Naked Green drink..yum), and drank a LOT of water, mixed with Emergen-C on the planes, AND kept a Ricola or Werther's or something sucker-ish in my mouth the entire time. Oh yea, and I used my newly knit burgundy scarf as a surgical eco-mask to "filter" the dry air. (That probably didn't work, but it's the thought that counts, right?).

Recap of the shows, and other thoughts about recent bloginess to come.
For now, I really am turning this thing off and trying to fall asleep.

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