24 November, 2007

packing again

Au revoir Thanksgiving relaxation and mild cold, bonjour New York City.

I've been going through "items" since about 5pm.
Mail that has accumulated for 2 months (thankfully no bills, that's all online!), papers that I keep putting in new and improved piles (music to learn, music to really learn, copies of music that I may need in the next three weeks, double copies for coaches), and finally, the clothing issue again.

What to take for THIS week in NY (besides a gown and 3 possible audition outfits)?
Well, even though there is an entire suitcase of winter clothes that I didn't take BEFORE I left for last-gig, I'm not even breaking into it. I'm simply recycling what worked best in the last month.

There are SO SO SO many pairs of SO SO SO cute shoes that I really want to wear! When will I EVER be in one place to wear all of my shoes?
I bought the cutest cowboy boots over the summer, GREEN (awesome), and I have only worn them ONE night in New York City (and that was the day I wore them back on the plane from Germany because they wouldn't fit in any of my suitcases home!).

I narrowed it down to slouchy black boots with a tiny heel for walking all around, the ever-dependable Rocket Dogs with velcro that I love, and my heels for audition wear.
That's it!
No sneaks for any possible gym time, no brown heels to match anything else (so, no brown clothes either), no black boots, tan slouchy boots, winter-y cute boots, sporty brown boots, no myriad of other sketcher-type mary-jane/sneaker/shoes that I love.

Just three pairs of black.

This week will be kind of a treat (or a pending disaster depending on which way you look at it), because I'll have a CAR in New York.
Now, granted, I am going to try VERY hard to leave it in Brooklyn at all times and not move it unless Alternate Side of the STreet parking requires me to, and ONLY drive it to the 2 rehearsals and 2 concerts that I need it for.
But- is that realistic?

We'll see!
I hope I don't get ticketed, towed, broken into, or otherwise dinged and damaged.


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