21 November, 2007

oh really?

Oh really, jet lag?

You think it's cool that even though I got into town at midnight that I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep until 3am, really?
You think it's FUN to then mysteriously wake up for NO reason at 7:30am (after only 4 hours of sleep) and proceed to my audition on no sleep, post-airplane voice?

Yea? Really?

How'bout after the audition (which btw went awesomely and THEY asked for ZERBINETTA!!! Everything except the First Section!) when I felt like death around 3pm but still couldn't fall asleep enough to take a nap?

And then the train home tonight- a perfect 2.5 hour opportunity to snooze, when sleep doth/didst leave me--because it never came!

And how about NOW ---2:20am. Day two of not sleeping for more than 4 hours previous.

Weird bronchial cough approaches.

All I can say, jet lag, is that you're LUCKY it's Thanksgiving. I HOPE for YOUR sake that I get sick..tomorrow. Then it will be finished by the weekend and the beginning of next week when it REALLY counts and I REALLY can't be sick. At. All.
OR TIRED for that matter with all of the auditions, travel to rehearsal, hours in the car and on public transportation, and having to stay with a CAT too!

So, I have my Halls, Ricola, Tea, Emergen-C, Vicks, and hot showers--what do YOU have you pneumatic sounding dry cough?! BRING IT!

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