17 November, 2007

one more show and then....

I'm on a full day plane ride back to NYC! (full day because of the time change).

And my schedule seems to be getting quite full (in a good way):
Monday 10:30pm arrive at JFK (UGH) wait for bags. SLEEP. (even though it will feel like 6:30pm when I force myself to go to bed).
Tuesday- audition, lunch w/bff, get key to her apt. where I'll be staying next week.
Tuesday night- 3 hr. train home for Turkey day
Wednesday- RELAX (otherwise known as help mom w/the cooking)
Thursday- EAT with extended family all in for Thxgiving- all 16 of us!
Friday- SHOP (for a gown for upcoming concert, and anything else that looks good at the outlets, and hopefully have an appt. with the chiropractor (a little slice of heaven)
Saturday- DRIVE back to NYC (find alternate side of the street parking in Bklyn)
Sunday- rehearsal
Monday- 2 auditions
Tuesday audition, rehearsal, rehearsal
Wednesday- audition, possible competition
Thursday- audition, rehearsal, rehearsal
Friday- audition, performance!
Saturday- audition
Sunday- performance!

And that's just through the end of the month.

Knocking on wood for no colds, sniffles, chills, or mass transit delays for the next 20 days.


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