28 November, 2007

monca nyc

This morning, and I mean MORNING, I sang for the districts here in NY.
I have sung for this competition three times now, in different locations (depending on where I was in school and where I was doing my residency last year), and now- NY.

It seems a bit more exciting and fun when you do it here--well, exciting and fun and 90 singers and 3 days of districts.

So I'm not expecting much.
But I will say that I sang veeery veeery well this morning. MORNING.

Auditionee number three of the day.

I sang Chacun (yes, and hit the g), and then they asked for Zerbinetta from the Rondo.
MAN- If Zerbie is always asked for after Chacun there's NO WAY I'm ever changing my starting piece from it!
I LOVE singing this piece. AND I know I can never really offer it first, unless the role is being cast, or I sing it from So war (which is still a good 7 minute first piece).

So I'm so happy when they ask for it 2nd! From whatever part of it!
So far - 0 for the recit, 1 for Noch glaub, 2 for So war and 1 for Rondo.


I'm not too stressed about whether I get through to the districts or not.
I gave a great performance today, and 2 of the judges are people that I'm very glad that I gave a good performance for. If they are interested, they'd be good people to have impressed this morning.

Had lunch with a few yappers-from-last-year, went down to Magnolia (AND DIDN"T BUY A CUPCAKE!), and then took the train back here...time for my big nap of the day.
It's been crazy waking up so early. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
It still feels awful even though I've gotten up at 7:30 or 8am every day this week.
Ok, that's only three days, but STILL!

Now to call pianists to play for my auditions next week!

Oh, and NAP.

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