07 November, 2007

so THIS is what it (almost) feels like

My day so far:
7:21 am- call from agent.
me at 7;21- what the...WHO is calling..(can't read the phone, eyes still half shut from sleep...damn, missed it...foolish people in NYC) Look briefly, it was the agent. Uhhh.they KNOW I'm here..what's up.

7:26 am. agent again.
ok, there is a problem i'm answering this one.

Hi. Do you still know role x that you sang 4 yrs ago at first-yap?
Big ole-opry house MAY need someone to do it on Friday night.
Can you give me artistic admin's cell number at current- opera so I can ask about a release on your dark day?
I'll be in touch.

(me: holyshitholyshitholyshit..awesomeawesomeawesome)

Numerous calls and emails later:

7:45am through 11:30am.
Try to upload clips of opera to agent via email. FAIL. Hotmail, gmail and yahoo all FAIL at that.
Upload them as private Youtube clips to send to agent and big-ole-opry-house.

Find out whether local library has said score (they do, in the wrong language).
Find out that the odds are VEEERY VEEERY small that big-ole-opry will take a chance on someone they're never even heard live (DUH), but still am thinking that maybe they'll let me sing from the pit (which is the plan anyway).

Find the libretto online. Go through it. Still there, mostly. Would have to brush up a duet, and most of the little recit-y lines, but I could totally do it.

Stop and Think: COULD I do it? Holy crap, what a huge break that would be IF they would let me.
In touch via facebook with cast-member-of-said-show who is pulling for me and saying how fun it would be to do.
Me replying yes, but the odds are slim to none.

I know this.

Another hour passes.
Still trying to upload things on Youtube.
Calling library to find out if they'll check something out to a non-resident (no, damn- then what's the point of GOING? to photocopy the whole score?)

Also find out I'm offered a Messiah gig in the meantime.
TANGENT- You'd THINK I'd know this, but as as nice Jewish girl who has only subbed for church job once, I don't.
But I will by December!!!

Back and forth email patter with agent every 4 minutes, cast-member on facebook, bff via phone and email who is also faxing me OTHER music (yea, that Lieder) that I need to learn in 2 weeks...

Me wanting to kick my own ass for not having gone through this score in over 4 years...but still excited about the possibility, the tiny tiny tiny chance that I could get a chance to just be FLOWN there to be there IN CASE, (saving their behind and making me look good).

And then- 11:39am (my time). Not needed anymore.
Ok, but I was a CONSIDERATION, right?
And it felt almost as exciting as those times that I DID get to go on for the ailing singer, made my debut at previous-yap 2 years ago on the mainstage, and since then have continued to be semper-prepared, always ready for anything, and uber-on-top-of-it-all.

So. Not this time.
But next maybe :)
Plus I sing for that company's young artist program in a few weeks!

Ah, the weird in-between YAP/RAP/Mainstage/REAL singer years.

What a morning.


Anonymous said...

woo! Sounds like a fabulous, roller coaster morning. Congrats on just being considered.

Unknown said...

That's an amazing story. Unless I'm mistaken, I think we were this close to working together. :)

Ah well, next time.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I just imagine this kind of thing. I sing for people constantly, and all I get is, "Wow! That's an amazing sound. What exactly would you like me to do with this...?"

I mean, I'm not saying....


I lived with you or a moment.

Kind of giving up.???


me said...

DARLING G, all i have is sighs left--of course it's exciting when it almost-happens...but that's the thing..it's usually and mostly just ALMOST...
And you're in a tougher spot w/the voice type, I know--but it WiLL happen. Pretty please don't give up??? Good vibes coming your way!
And can we PLEASE meet IRL soon? :)