07 October, 2007

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Audition 1 and 2 are down.
Both good, except rep.choice number 2 was a bummer (the piece they chose). If I'm already starting with a piece that is short, I really wish the panel would pick something better than my 2nd shortest piece for the 2nd piece.
Maybe that means I shouldn't start with something short. But it's so fun and goooood. I know what they're trying to see. If I can sing an italianate legato line. GOT IT! But does it have to be the low and show-nothing one? I Know I sing it well, but come on! A little excitement! Go for the hard one!

I just feel like in the starter piece there is only ONE thing that knocks the socks off, and it's the first thing. And everything else about the aria is acting, and not really singing.
And so to pick the little diitty they did for a 2nd, when I have such other grand and much more kick ass pieces like Zerbie or even DurchZ is a bit of a let down.

Ok, maybe that means I'm gonig to re-evaluate what I begin with. Even though I begin with whatever I feel like on whatever day.

Next up, a competition. Totally different rep--this is the "competition winning" rep list and not the "audition" rep list.
Should be fun.

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