21 October, 2007

blue morning (Aka I'm here)

After a long flight yesterday that involved waking up at 5am,

(meaning, I never really went to bed because whenever I have to wake up that early I freak myself out that I'll miss my phone alarm- the loudest possible thing..ever...and I wake up on the hour every hour until it's 30 minutes before I have to get up, and I've had no sleep)

having a dry starbucks bagel at 6am, flying to the midwest, eating French toast at the airport at 10am, and getting on another 5 hour flight and eating untoasted poptarts that I had the forethought to buy from the vending machine for a dollar instead of paying 5 bucks for the "snack box" on the airplane, I arrived!!!

My suitcases got here (after being 6lbs over and having to remove 2 sweaters and overpack my carry on which led to some storage problems of its own on the planes), I tried to hydrate myself as much as possible on the airplanes (even though I was in the window seat and felt bad making everyone get up so I could pee), and I'm here now.

Woke up feeling ALL stuffy in the nose and dry in the throat, but hey, I don't have to sing until tomorrow. So today- more water, some healthy food, EmergenC, Flinstone's vitamins, and we'll see how it is tomorrow.

For the past 2 hours that I've been awake (earlier than I would ever choose on a Sunday, but the time difference makes it so that it's morning here, but in NY it's already noon!), the sky has been the more pure color of baby blue.
I can't tell whether the sun has risen (I should google that), or whether it still will rise later on.
There is a layer of frost on everything outside, and I'm guessing it's about 30 degrees.
It hasn't snowed here yet, but all of the locals are expecting it any day now.
My plans for today?
Well, if the weather forecast looks ok (meaning, no snow storms) I'll drive down the coast on what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful drives you can take in this area.

My rental car has been pre-smoked in (yuck), but I'll open the window, take my camera along, and hopefully enjoy some peaceful nature before the fun of rehearsal begins tomorrow.

We've been supplied free gym memberships here, so this time, yet again, I'll say that I will TRY. TRY to make use of that as much as possible.
Although there are gorgeous mountain and coastal trails just a few feet from my doorstep here as well.

Plans for this month besides rocking out in this new role:
Taking a lot of pictures
Making workouts a regular thing
Working out Spring plans, competitions, travel, and work.
Taking advantage of where I am right now and what my surroundings have to offer.

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