19 October, 2007

Macbeth Dress reeeeehearsal @ MET

Out out damn spot is going to need a LOT more than a Tide Wipe or Bleach Pen in this show!

Production- me likey the updates, the soldiers and then the kind of dictatorial looking king winning in the end.

Set- Love the way the bed appears and is MRS. Macbeth's and then also the King's bed, and then it's hidden well behind the center drop. Like the forest and the general shape of the sky as it cuts through the top of the proscenium and feels like a "heaven" is out there- or at least a big giant storm--ominous is the word I'm looking for.
I like Banquo's heirs coming in from the ceiling although I could do with a little less Green "club" lighting as they came down- it was a bit too "waiting for 2nite" by JLO circa the MILLENIUM.

Witches are now Mrs. McGonagall's from Harry Potter, mixed with white bobby socks, old purses, and looking like hungry Jewish grandmothers on their way to Zabar's and about to smack someone who gets in the way of the Marble Rye.

Maria Guleghina: (WAIT- before I talk about the voice, her negligees almost had a "superbowl janet/justin" moment, she needs to be strapped in, and she was constantly playing with the robe on top to make sure that it didn't happen AGAIN ...as it did in rehearsal...or so my sources say)
Vocally her arias were exciting, the "libiamo" flamenco dancing with the congratulatory "cup" of the king was nice, the duet right before her aria got a bit off track, but I was moved overall. The high notes were there, the low notes were there, the drama was there, although it felt a little like she was in her own world the ENTIRE time and not so much relating to her Mister- except in the ewww-this is bloody, but now you're going to push me down because it turns me on- kind of way.

Dmitri Pittas sounded really great as a YOUNG Macduff. I didn't really believe he was singing about his two possibly dead children, but I sure believed that I wanted him to keep singing to me in that sweeeet tone.

Lucic (add weird symbols above the C's that I don't have in my menu right now) was VERY strong. Again, I missed some of the "togetherness" acting with the MRS., but he really carried his arias alone onstage, and also the weakness and semi-crazy prophet scene.

John Reylea- hawtness as Banquo in body and voice. I liked when he came back as Zombie Banquo.
And I liked his Harry Potter scarved child.

The chorus did mostly well- OH- well, they were AWESOME in the prayer/a cappella scene--- but otherwise sometimes they rushed Jimmy and the Orchestra.
But they were all into being whatever they were supposed to be- weird witches, royalty attendees, soldiers, traitors, soldiers, refugees.

The whole thing came together very well and I understood what Adrian Noble wants out of it.
What I wanted more of was the crazy/sexual/dominant/subservient/love story between the Macbeths.
Like how neither one can live without the other, PLUS the power.
And how killing the king makes them want to dooo eeeet on the kitchen floor.
And how weakness is not an option.

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