21 September, 2006

tech week

The first show of new company opens this Saturday. I suppose I'm getting more and more used to the 'theater' norms, meaning- dressers, beautiful costumes that fit, calls on time to wherever I have to be, someone to go to if there is something wrong, prompters, props that someone else takes care of when I'm offstage...I mean, all things that all professional theaters have, but when you really think about it, all of the shows that I did in undergrad and even some of the grad/summer programs/residencies that I've done have not afforded me the same treatment.
Yes, I'm in the chorus. But they know we're important, they don't waste our time, they care just as much about a crooked wig or a hemline on us as they do on the mainstage artists. It's kind of nice- all this professional attention.

What I'm used to: Church basement operas where some of your own pieces become your costume, where the set is also someone's day trip to Target and Michael's and then crafts project, where the director has no ASM and no one but you keeps track of your blocking, and especially where you get maybe two rehearsals with the orchestra and then do maybe two or three shows with a chorus of students, community members, to a small and probably not filled house.

What is now: Professional, paid chorus plus young artists, really famous singers, prepared orchestras, people that keep track of where your supposed to be (hey, I'm not saying I still don't, but for my type A personality that really meant that every "regional/community/school" show I was in, I was really paying attention to where everyone was supposed to be).



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