21 September, 2006

one more things: re-auditions

Oh yes, it's that joyful time again.
This year I have a few new thoughts and some perspective.

Well, I'm in a year round program right now. I have the option of staying here next year (assuming they like me after three mainstage roles this season, and depending on their season and casting for next year).

Now, what are summer programs for? Besides the musical/coaching/voice lesson benefits, aren't they really a place where you go to make contacts? Contacts from conductors, directors, coaches, teachers and singers, who will remember you, want to re-hire you for their own musical endeavors, and be able to recommend you to mainstage auditions and just the type of residency situation that I'm in currently?

In my opinion, and from the experience in two programs apprentice which I've had so far that is one of the best things that you can get out of a program for the future (besides of course the possible cover or supporting roles that you get to add to your resume).
But what do I do this summer?
What is really motivating me (besides the general competition of it all, and the "biggies" in terms of programs) to do a zillion auditions again?
Last year I sang for 21 programs. Yes, 21. More school, young artist summer programs, residencies, touring/ed type of deals...I wasn't burned out. I love auditioning. It was just a lot, and a lot of no's/yes's/maybe's to be waiting for as well. (ok, mostly no's.).

But two worked out! And that's why I had a great summer and am having a great beginning here so far.

So what do I do this summer? When I feel like my personal relationship needs more attention and togetherness, and nothing is really pulling me to do any of there programs besides just going because I got into a big name program (IF I even got in), and of course, the possibility of roles, new singers, new people to meet.... I mean, I know these programs are fun and great and learning experience, etc. etc. etc.

But what about spending time with someone that I love who may be moving to another country next July? When is it time to realize that my career can possibly be shaped without being a young artist for the summer? But instead, building a great relationship here, singing good roles, getting noticed for the, and then going out for mainstage auditions?
I'm just not sure. IS it time to realize it?

I'm still doing 7 or 8 auditions this fall. All to programs that are big names, or have good rep. But I'm still drawn to sending in the usual 10-15 applications to places just because. Just because they are also reputable young artists programs. Just because I'm NOT certain that I'll get automatically invited to where I spent this past summer, or that I'll get into any of the "biggies" (the only other programs I'm really applying for right now).

Still, what is this 'mentality' about getting into a program like Glimmerglas, Santa Fe, Merola or WolfTrap? Like those things can make or break your career if you get into them? Every time I have met someone who went there they say there were just as many singers who didn't make a career out of it, who won't make it, who just didn't have it or continue to have it to have a career or take it that one extra level.

Reading all of the FAQs about audition materials (ie, we receive 600 applications, we audition 500 of them live, 225 are sopranos) makes me feel good that I've already GOTTEN into three amazing programs. But when will I be able to not have to consider myself a young artist? I'm definitely of YOUNG young artist age. Every place I've been to I've been among the youngest singer...

Is there such a thing as young artist burnout, or am I just experience a mixture of emotions because for once I feel settled in my career for the next two years, and don't feel the need to prove myself somewhere for the summer, when I could be spending it making a lasting relationship closer before the long distance continues for a year?
Oh yea, and my best friend is getting married in August. The18th. No WAY any of the programs I'm looking into end by then.

What to do?

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