08 September, 2006

the sky is falling

In more ways than one.
First of all, it's 10:05 Eastern Time. Yes, that means I made my flight this morning after waking up at 4:30am, got to Boston, had an almost relationship-ending evening which was salvaged by a tearful phonecall after 5 hours together and then 30 minutes apart (although those 5 hours seemed more alone than ever), and now have to attempt to not cry through the night and learn the two duets that I'm supposed to perform in yet another scholarship/competition/foundation concert thingie tomorrow afternoon.
I'm being paid the "big bucks" for this one, so I best not mess up the words to Belle Nuit or Libiamo- both completely inappropriate for my voice but requested by the conductor and the concert coordinator, and despite the mild but direct objections I raised, still insisted upone since the concert with orchestra will be outside and mic'd.
Umm... le temps fuit et sans retour ...something something tendresse/ivresse?
something something something something...le temps fuit sans retour.
Zephyrs embraces, verses nous vos caresses, zephyrs embraces donnez vous vos baisers...
vos baisers???

That could be something like Belle nuit.

And the libiamo lines? Lord. Tutto e follie follie something about mondo che cio non e?
And then La vita e nel ripiudio??? What?
I am so so so in trouble.
Do I look at the words now, or go to sleep and wakeup early to do the drive out to the rehearsal (2hrs) and hope to drill the words in the car?

This night has been too long.


Embly said...

Whoa! for a breif moment I thought that I had heard you sing today as I was at a foundation/competition thing that was outdoors and they closed with the libiamo. However I'm pretty certain no one sang Belle Nuit, the coloraturah sang "Les oiseaux dans la charmille". hope things are better today!

Embly said...

upon a second reading of the program I did see you today! (dear emily learn to read more than the first word on each line) It was sort of a crazy concert. Don't freak out and leave like Just Another Soprano, because I enjoy reading your blog. You vocalize so many of the concerns that I have or worry that I will have in the near future. (leave it to that concert coordinator to ask something completely rediculous of someone, what an ego...though she did give me free tickets to the concert such that I will audition for her next year...)

Gregory said...


You OK? Did we make it? At least, I hope with minimal damage?

me said...

Friends, countrymen....I am ok. Embly! Nice to kind-of-real-world meet you! The concert went well and as Embly knows I didn't sing, but mouthed the chorus words to libiamo while the two other sops split it up. Otherwise, belle nuit went as lovely as can be expected for a low song, and the doll is always the doll in a big pink froofy dress. Relationship is off the rocks, personal life is better, and my room is actually ALL unpacked except for ONE box of music scores! That coupled with the fact that the opera opens in a week and a half, and we're ALREADY rehearsing Hoffmann makes me a tired little singer.