28 September, 2006

o sleep why dost thou

Since last Saturday night when I stayed up until 6:30am, I have been on the most insane sleep schedule. I'm not tired until 3am. So- even though I'm "in bed" by 11:30, I either a. play on my fun computer, or b. watch tv (which hasn't been in my room for over 2 years), or c. both.

By some miracle of the lord I have not been called to ANY coachings or rehearsals before noon this week, so it's turning out fine that I'm only up around 11:45am every day this week.

But NEXT week I start having things at 9am (gasp!). And by things at 9am, I mean, Queen of the Night at 9am! How do I fiiiixxxx it? I absolutely CANNOT calm down enough to actually fall asleep at midnight. Take the tv away? Leave the computer in another room--whatever will I do without online goodness?

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