05 September, 2006

It's been way too long

Oh my goodness!
I've been in New State for 8 days, have so much news, and have no internet to write about it!!!
Ok, well, first of all. I got 2nd place in the competition last Saturday night. That means an incredibly nice chunk of change (which is why I splurged and bought that Ikea bed I've been eyeing for the past few months), some great new contacts, and another lovely line on the resume which makes me look Eeeeeven more talented- if that's at all possible! haha. really, just kidding.

Then came the 22 hour drive here. It was rainy, foggy, chicago stopover was beautiful and fun, pirate mini-golf was relationship-saving, and then there was the new apartment. Beautiful, just what I wanted, grown-up, fancy shmancy, and I"m really happy with it.

I had no furniture the first day and a half. Then I bought a bed set at Ikea. Then I went back and bought the matching shelving units and have the dresser on order. In the meantime, I'm still living out of suitcases, but everything else is ALMOST put away in my room.
I have no food in the apt., but all in due time.

The program here. It's been wonderful. It deserves its own post about coming here, the first day, the first yoga and tai chi class, and so on and so forth. Right now from the "resident artist" computer I'm hogging precious email time.

So what I will say is that I'm happy. I'm being shown that I'm wanted and talented here, being paid for it, having a good time not worrying about money and just thinking about all of the great music that I'm going to be learning this year.


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