24 September, 2006

Gross! Machtige Prinzessin

I just spent the past 2 hrs listening to my new itunes purchase of dessay's and voigt's ariadne auf naxos. Pretty sweeeet.

Since my "workload", ie- singing, coachings, etc. has been pretty low because of opening week and me not being one of the mainstage singers, I've decided to fall back on my old score-study and learning antics. There is a list of roles that I eventually want to learn and have prepared- before I hopefully get hired to do them for the first time.
Zerbinetta is the top one. Got the aria down, the quartets seem pretty easy, it's that first duet that's a bit tricky I think.

Next would come more bel canto stuff that is done more often, and that I "look" the part of, rather than perhaps "sound" the part of (soubrette)... like Adina, Amina, Norina, then just for fun add Susanna, Despina, Zerlina (low but SO often performed!)

And then of course all of the crazy French coloratura repertoire that is a little out there and not done often, but the best in my voice.

Oh yea, and let's not forget the Mozart gals- Blondchen, Ilia, that crazy but awesome high G-hitting soprano from Mitridate

And then I come back to Strauss- Sophie, Fiakermilli...yes...love it.

And as dessert add le coq d'or and vixen in russian and czech.

D'oh! I forgot my fave -Cunegonde.

So much music, so little time. What I really should be spending time on is memorizing lakme..but I think I've gotten to the point where I don't want to memorize things without stylistic influences and ideas from coaches...so maybe just the French, and not the music- if that's even possible.


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